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  • The bus to Kushiro City departs shortly after the arrival of each plane.
  • After the plane arrives and the airport staff confirms that all passengers have received their luggage, then buses will be signalled to depart.
  • Please note that the departure time may be delayed due to flight schedule, road conditions, etc. We are not responsible for any inconvenience or loss caused by the delay.
  • Please be reminded that only 1,000 yen bills can be exchanged on the bus, so please be prepared with coins beforehand.
  • No animals (pets) are allowed on board as they may cause disturbances to other passengers.

Kushiro City ⇔ Kushiro Airport Shuttle Bus

Kushiro City ⇔ Kushiro Airport (According to the domestic flight schedule)

MOO/Kushiro City Hall ⇔ Kushiro Airport: One way 55 min.
Kushiro St. ⇔ Kushiro Airport: One way 45 min.

Time Table (Please click the period when you use)


MOO/Kushiro City Hall/ Kushiro St ⇔ Kushiro Airport : 950 yen (Updated 2019 October 1st.)
(Adult/ One way fare / Child 480yen)

Lake Akan Hot Spring ⇔ Kushiro Airport

Kushiro Airport Shuttle Bus Service Precautions.

The timetable may change in accordance with changes in flight schedules. Please be sure to check the date of your flight.
Except in the case of extreme weather conditions, the service will be operated at the time of weather-briefing or cancellation of flights.
Please contact the following airlines for flight information.